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Lately, I’ve taken quite an interest in human behavior.

I’ve always enjoyed learning what made people tick but since I began studying anthropology, my interest has favored more towards body language and other means of social interaction. What’s more is that most people do not even know what it is that they are communicating; let alone how to interpret nonverbal cues from other people.

The fact that men cannot look down upon women who are taller than them is the very reason that many men find tall women so intimidating.” ― Miya Yamanouchi, “To seek the praise of men as our motivation is to abandon truly great things, for more often than not truly great things elicit the ire of men far more than they garner their praises.” ― Craig D. “Yeah, I do.” “Good to know,” he said, taking my hand, linking our fingers together, and then his face grew serious again. “I tried, but he kicked me.” His eyes went murderous. Eww, gross), and I kind of thought the top of his head might explode. “Arkain’s the Wilmington Fire Chief.” My eyes jerked back to Holt where he stood talking to the police force and the firefighters that responded to the call. In addition to being strong and stupid, we were also thought of as dangerous.

Lounsbrough “Tell me what happened.” “He was here,” I said, hoarse. “Obviously, I avoided the shelf.” “Did you get a look at his face? I was going to reassure him that I was okay, but the police rushed inside, followed closely behind by a medic with a first aid kit. I felt Holt’s stare and I glanced up, giving him a fake smile. It might have been an old story to Patrick and the others, but I got a kick out of being mistaken as volatile.

But, despite the fact I may be as tall as (or taller) than a mystery meetup, I've made a habit of always opting for heels on a first date.

At 5'9", I'm not towering by any means, but since I am half a foot taller than the national average (the CDC's current stat is just around 5'3"), I'm sure that I've surprised more than one Tinder match.If my height bothers you, this was never bound to work out anyway.Sure, physical attraction is an important part of dating, don't get me wrong.It’s quite surprising to think about the number of ways we unconsciously communicate our thoughts, feelings, opinions, beliefs, and perspectives without even knowing it. Why is it that some people exude confidence while others melt into the crowd?

Why are some shorter people so much more intimidating than taller people, whilst in the midst of an argument?Being Physically Intimidating Being Socially Intimidating Community Q&A Intimidation is making others feel fear, nervousness, or inadequacy in order to gain social standing or produce a desired outcome.